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An Interview with Brink Roofing 

How to Prevent Further Damage to Your Roof

Roofer in Erie,PA

By: Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Brink Roofing provides Roofing Services for Erie, PA and all of Erie County. We offer the following services. Roof Repairs, Roof Replacements, Roof Cleaning, Roof Tune Ups, Chimney Work, Skylight Maintenance, Seamless Gutters, Gutter Guards, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Tune Ups, Gutter Stain removal, Gutter Ice Guarders, Gutter Stain Defenders, Residential/Commercial/Industrial Roof Inspections, Roof Maintenance Programs, and ALL other residential roofing services.

What is your position at Brink Roofing?  Owner.

Can you please name some of the roofing materials that you use and their various benefits?

We offer- good, better, and best roof material options. All of our products are top level roofing quality products, but the packages have some nice options for consumers who want an extended warranty on accessories or a designer look.

What should I be expecting from a roof inspection? What are some things it will let me know about my roof?

We provide a 21 pt. Digital Roof Inspection. At least one homeowner must be present during the roof estimate. In most cases they do not have to wait for an estimate to be mailed. We provide such a thorough inspection that it allows us to give the consumer a promised price proposal. This is different from an estimate because often times a contractor will give a low estimate to increase the chances of being awarded the job. The “Estimate Price” can quickly change once the project is in progress. Adding on more costs for miscellaneous things. This is not true with our promised price proposal. We want the homeowner to know what the actual cost will be to start and finish the project. This “No Surprises” policy has done wonders for referrals over the years. Honesty is always best.

During the Free roof inspection we also provide an attic inspection and a rooftop inspection. Pictures are taken in the attic and on the roof. These pictures are shared with the homeowner towards the end of the appointment. Its one thing to be told what is going on up on your roof, but we have found that it is better for the homeowner to understand and make an educated decision on what to do / not do with their roofing system. When the estimate appointment is complete you will have a clear understanding of what the current condition of the roof is, what has caused it to break down if it has, and be offered many options to either repair, replace, or extend out the life of your roof system with a tune-up.

What are some things that are potentially damaging my roof?

Pennsylvania’s harsh winters are really tough on all roof systems. The change of the seasons can cause damage in the long run. Wind storms are always a challenge and in some cases it can actually breaks the seals on the shingle or completely blows shingles off of the roof.

Ice dams can also cause water leaks in the winter. Ice forming in the gutters can stop the water from draining. This can cause the water to back up under the shingles and ultimately cause water damage.

Bathroom vents not being vented properly can cause mold growth in the attic space. This is a major problem and leads to the remedy of replacing the shingles and replacing the sheathing.

Roof algae can also be a hazard to your roof. The black stains that you see on shingle roofs almost look like someone spilled a bucket of tar, or like tiger stripes on the roof. This is actually a black algae. It is important to kill and clean the algae. A professional should be contacted to safely remove the algae. You can cause more damage to the shingles if you are not properly trained in the process of cleaning it off safely.

How can I prevent further damage?

Installing a new Bathroom vent can prevent the mold problem in the attic from coming back again.

A yearly maintenance program with the roof cleaner can eliminate the chances of the algae to grow back on the roof.

Having your gutters cleaned and gutter guards installed before winter comes will help minimize ice dams from forming.

How do I know when my roof begins to have problems?

Most of the time you don’t know. There really isn’t any way to know without a professional actually getting up on the roof and into the attic to see what the condition of the roof is on the underside and on top of the roof.

What are some of the major differences among the different roof materials you offer?

One major differences is the amount of time that the product will perform correctly for you. During the roof estimate appointment you will be educated on the different levels of quality and shown the benefits or disadvantages of all types.  You aren’t forced into a roof system that we like.  We educate and give you many options.

Is there anything you feel you do differently in comparison to similar companies?

Let’s face it. All service companies have to make a profit to survive and provide the community with professional services. Just because that is true doesn’t mean that the focus should always be about profit. These are facts, and a big reason that you see some companies only focusing on the numbers and not on the customer’s needs.

Our focus is directly on the consumers. If someone calls us and sets up an estimate appointment, they get top of the line service and are provided an amazing 21pt digital roof inspection for no charge. Most companies would charge upwards of 100 dollars for a service like this, but we provide it to anyone that calls in and sets up an appointment. There are many other ways that we focus on the customer and the overall experience the customer has with their project and our company. Our focus on the customer not only benefits the customer, but it also becomes a huge positive for the company, because a lot of our work is generated from happy customer referrals. So it becomes a win/win situation for all parties involved.

What’s the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Consumers can call 24/7. They will always reach a live call taker that can set them up on an exact time and date for an appointment. This is true even at 2 in the morning on Christmas Eve.

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